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Standard plugins

  • [Windows, Mac OS, Linux] qCompass Easy digitization of geological structures and structural traces on point clouds
  • [Windows, Mac OS] qVirtualBroom Efficient (road) scan cleaning
  • [Windows, Mac OS] qHoughNormals Normals computation
  • [Windows, Mac OS] qHPR Hidden Points Removal
  • [Windows, Linux] qPCL Interface for PCL library (normals computation, outliers removal, etc.)
  • [Windows, Mac OS] qPCV Ambient Occlusion for mesh or point cloud (output: per-point 'visibility' as a scalar field)
  • [Windows, Mac OS, Linux] qPoissonRecon Surface Mesh Reconstruction (for closed surfaces)
  • [Windows, Linux] qRansacSD Automatic RANSAC Shape Detection
  • [Windows, Mac OS] qSRA Surface of Revolution Analysis (comparison between a point cloud and a surface of revolution)
  • [Windows] qCANUPO Point Cloud Classification with CANUPO
  • [Windows, Mac OS, Linux] qM3C2 Computation of robust signed distances between point clouds
  • [Windows] qCork Mesh Boolean Operations (Constructive Solid Geometry) based on the Cork library
  • [Windows, Mac OS] qAnimation Animation rendering plugin
  • [Windows, Mac OS] qFacets Structural geology plugin
  • [Windows, Mac OS] qCSF Automatic ground/non-ground classification algorithm based on Cloth Simulation


  • qKinect Acquisition of colored point clouds with a Kinect device

OpenGL 'shaders' plugins

  • qBlur (Simple screen blurring - for demo)
  • qEDL (Eye Dome Lighting)
  • qSSAO (Screen Space Ambient Occlusion)