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Introduction Cork icon.png

This plugin can be used to perform Boolean operations on meshes (also called CSG = Constructive Solid Geometry).

It is based on the Cork library.

Qcork dialog.jpg


Its usage is pretty straightforward:

  • select two meshes (meshes should be ideally closed, otherwise the output might be wrong)
  • click on the plugin icon (or the equivalent entry in the 'Plugins' menu: 'Plugins > Mesh Boolean Operations')
  • when the plugin dialog appears (see above):
    • assign each mesh to a role (A or B)
    • then select the operation to apply:
      • union: A + B
      • difference (symmetric or not): A - B
      • intersection: A n B

The plugin will create a new mesh corresponding to the operation output:

Qcork example.jpg

Warning: due to internal instabilities in the current version of the Cork library, it may be necessary to launch the process several times in order to get it working ;)