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Here is a quick overview of the main user interface:

QCC MainWindow.jpg

  1. Menus
    • File (open, save, quit, etc.)
    • Edit (edit selected entities and their features - colors, normals, scalar fields, etc.)
    • Tools (segmentation, registration, projection, etc.)
    • Display (display-related options)
    • Plugins (loaded plugins)
    • 3D Views (3D views management)
    • Help (about, help, etc.)
  2. Main toolbar (quick access to main editing and processing tools: open/save, point picking, clone, etc.)
  3. Scalar fields toolbar (quick access to scalar fields related tools)
  4. Plugins toolbar (quick access to currently loaded plugins - standard and OpenGL shaders)
  5. View toolbar (quick access to display-related tools)
  6. Database tree (for selection and activation of entities and their features)
  7. Properties view (information on selected entity)
  8. Default 3D view
  9. Another 3D view (created with 3D Views > New)
  10. Console