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Supported file formats

Type Extension(s) Description Read Write Binary/ASCII Point Cloud(s) Mesh(es) Other Features
BIN .bin CloudCompare own format X X binary >1 >1 >1 Normals, colors (RGB), scalar fields (>1), labels, viewports, display options, etc.
ASCII .asc,.txt,.xyz,.neu,.pts ASCII point cloud file (X,Y,Z,etc.) X X ASCII 1 Normals, colors (RGB), scalar fields (all)
LAS .las ASPRS lidar point clouds X X binary 1 Colors (RGB) and various scalar fields (see LAS 1.4 specifications)
E57 .e57 ASTM E57 file format X X mixed >1 Calibrated picture(s) Normals, colors (RGB or I), scalar field (intensity)
PTX .ptx LEICA point cloud export format X ascii >1 Sensor(s) Robust normals can be computed at loading time
FARO .fls, *.fws FARO formats X binary >1 Sensor(s) Scalar field (reflection value)
DP .dp DotProduct (DPI-7) format X binary >1 Sensor(s) Colors (RGB), robust normals can be computed at loading time
PCD .pcd Point Cloud Library format X X binary >1 Colors (RGB), normals, scalar fields (>1)
PLY .ply Stanford 3D geometry format (cloud or mesh) X X both 1 1 Normals, colors (RGB or I), one ore several scalar fields, a single texture
OBJ .obj Wavefront mesh X X ASCII 1 >1 Polyline(s) Normals, materials and textures
VTK .vtk VTK file format (triangular mesh or cloud only) X X ASCII 1 1 Normals, colors (RGB), scalar field(s) (>1)
STL .stl STereoLithography file format (mesh) X X ASCII 1 Normals
OFF .off Object File Format (mesh) X X ASCII 1
FBX .fbx Autodesk (Filmbox) File Format X X ASCII or BINARY >1 >1 Normals, colors (RGB), materials and textures
DXF .dxf Autocad DXF format X X ASCII >1 >1 polyline(s) Normals, colors (RGB)
SHP .shp ESRI Shape file format X X binary >1 Polyline(s), polygon(s), contour plot(s), etc. Scalar fields (1 per entity)
PDMS .pdms, .pdmsmac, .mac PDMS macros X ASCII >1 Primitive(s)
RASTER .geotiff, etc. Common raster formats (GDAL) X X (use the Rasterize tool) binary 1 Layers (as scalar fields)
OUT (Bundler) .out Bundler SfM output file (more information here) X ASCII (1) Calibrated picture(s), 3D keypoints
2D images .jpg, *.png, *.bmp, etc. Standard images binary
PV .pv Point cloud + scalar field X X binary 1 Scalar field (1)
PN .pn Point cloud + normals X X binary 1 Normals
SOI .soi Mensi/Trimble Soisic laser scanner X ASCII >1 Colors (I)
POV .pov Multiple stations (meta file) X ASCII + both >1 All + sensor poses
ICM .icm Cloud + calibrated pictures X ASCII + both 1 Picture(s) All + camera poses
Geo-Mascaret .georef Mascaret profiles X ASCII Profiles (polylines)
Sinusx .sx Sinusx curves X X ASCII Polylines
CSV matrix .csv Cloud as 2D1/2 matrix X ASCII 1


Standard dialog

ASCII dialog

PLY dialog